Forgings and castings for NPP and petrochemistry


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OMZ-Special Steels has vast experience in manufacture of semi-finished products for NPP and petrochemical industry: shell rings, tube sheets, rings, shells, covers, nozzles, adaptors, heads, flanges, casks for spent nuclear fuel, hydrocracking vessels, hydrothermal synthesis vessels.

Forgings are made of various steel grades:

15Cr2NiMoVA, 06Cr12Ni3D, 22K (22K-Sh, 22K-VD), 12MnSi, 08(12)Cr18Ni10Ti, 14Cr17Ni2 , CrNi32Ti-VD, 09Mn2SiA-A, 10MnNi2MoVA, 20Cr13, 30Cr13, 15Cr1Mo1V, 22Cr2Mo, SA336(182)MF22, SA336(182)MF22V, SA182MF347 etc.

Shell rings for pressure vessels used in nuclear power and petrochemical industry are traditional products of the Company. More than 200 large diameter shell rings were manufactured at Automated Forging Complex AFC-12000.

Forgings for spent nuclear fuel casks – rings, coamings, basements, covers, heads, nozzles etc. – are made of steels with special properties: 09Mn2SiA-A, SA350, SA266 etc.

The Company has mastered production of forgings for petrochemical equipment of the steel grades SA336F22, SA336F22V in compliance with ASME Code requirements.



Equipment reliability in extreme conditions as well as economic efficiency is very important for petrochemical industry. Understanding that, OMZ-SS produces high quality castings for pumps, valves and other pipeline accessories in accordance with the strict requirements of petrochemical industry.

Our company is certified by Oil Transporting Joint-Stock Company Transneft.

Product examples: 

  • Gate valves DN 800-1200 with one-of-a-kind cast-solid body;
  • Pipeline accessories for oil pipe lines;
  • Crosses for large diameter shut-off valves;
  • Body parts for crude oil booster pumps and charging pumps;
  • Casted details for blowout preventers.

Steel grades (Casting Steels): 25MnMo, 15Cr1Mo1V, 35CrMo, 30CrNiMo, 35CrNi2Mo.

Forgings Sales Department for NPP:  
Phone: +7 (812) 322-81-42 (доб. 64-78), fax: +7 (812) 322-80-07 
Contact Personnel: Irina E. Tarakanova

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